Upgrade from Panther to Tiger Server

El Alcahuete


I am an admin for a lab with about 80 computers, 30 macs (some iMac G4s and a few iMac G5s, all running Panther), and 50 PCs . We recently upgraded our xserve from Panther server to 10.4 tiger using an upgrade installation, in order to avoid having to re-setup what has turned out to be a rather complex configuration. Anyways, there are 3 main users who were "administrators" in Panther, which had full access and admin rights to change and create other administrator or user accounts. However, as Tiger creates the "Directory Administrator" account, it seems that each administrator account now has only limited privilages (full administration of access accounts, limited admin of other admin accounts) compared to the Directory Administrator account, which has full administrative privilages allowing it to edit user and other administrator accounts. This is not a big deal to me, as I can just log in as Diradmin to make any changes needed. However, the boss doesnt like the idea of his account not having full control, and doesnt like having to login under the diradmin. Anyways, if anybody has any suggestions on how to bump up the admin rights on the other accounts so it has similar rights to those of the Directory Administrator account it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance guys!
Well, I think you need to add the other Admin's as part of DirAdmin group, there should be one. Like how you add admin under workgroup manager, just under WM you add the admins under diradmin group - sorry I haven't used Tiger Server yet. We might upgrade to it at my school. Search apple's forums or that. They might help a bit better.
I don't see the diradmin group, though I definitely see how that would work. The Directory Administrator account is on the admin group, GID 80. I am interested to hear other people's success/horror stories from doing the upgrade install from Panther to Tiger server, as for us it has been fairly smooth apart from the administrator issue.
The only things I can think of to be admins of other admins and vice versa is, you have to be a member of wheel, staff, admin, and operator. I don't know... One sec, if you go here http://www.apple.com/server/documentation/ download user management pdf, that may be able to help you. I'm not downloading it because my mom needs the internet speed. We're on a proxy.