upgrade macosx server 10.3.8 to 10.3.9


I have an XServe running osx server 10.3.8

I want to get it updated to 10.4.2 so I know first it has to be moved to 10.3.9 as a prerequisite.

This server runs our DNS, Mail, OD master, and is PDC for about 40 W2K/WXP clients. There are NO mac clients.

I made a clone of the boot drive then proceeded to update using the software update facility.

This all seemed to go OK and after a couple of reboots and further security patches it seemed fine.

None of the logs complained of failure of services.

But none of my windows users can now logon.
A message is returned that the computer account is not known to the domain.

I have now installed the clone and am back to 10.3.8

Has anyone any ideas on what has gone wrong?
Is there a migration path to go from 10.3.8 to a clean built 10.4.2 server?


Do you already own the Tiger Server licensing? This could be a difference between the Samba service in Panther vs Tiger. I would have tried going all the way on your live drive, knowing that you do have a live backup ready to roll if it fails, but that's just my opinion.

You said that the logs didn't show a service failure. Did they show anything?