Upgrade to Old Bindi Imac Good, But Expecting More.


Hello there
I have just recently popped a 333mhz processor w/ daughter card in my bondi blue original iMac. My old processor was of course the 233mhz. I have seen great improvement on opening applications, starting the system, and a smoothed out dock as well. My only irritation at this point is that when I get online or open a text document where some scrolling is required, the scrolling is still pretty choppy. Sometimes as a page is loading I will try and scroll and it will freeze for a sec then jump down a bit on the page. Am I just expecting too much here? Should I just be happy I am running OS X, or is there something I am missing?
Also, I upgraded the VRAM a little while back, I bought (supposedly) a 4mb VRAM module which should have taken my system VRAM from 2mb to 6mb but when I go into my system properties, it says 4mb total.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!


P.S. Below are my system specs as of today:

Original Bondi Blue Rev.A iMac
Mac OS X 10.3.9 (7W98)
- 333mHz PowerPC 750 (82.2)
- 256mb PC100 SO-DIMM (2 x 128mb)
- 4mb VRAM (Should be 6, still workin on that)
- 4GB 5200rpm (Will be putting in Maxtor 40GB 7200)
- Standard 24x Tray Loading CD-ROM
Consider that no matter what CPU upgrade you put in there, you are still limited by the 66 MHz front-side bus and the PC-66 SDRAM. The HD might also have its part in it since it's probably ATA-33. And the video memory is paltry at 4 MB. And speaking of memory, you might want to add some more as OS X works exponentially better with more memory. Also consider that 100 Mhz more of clock speed isn't really that much. Better, but not extraordinary.

I don't mean to sound like a downer, but remember that this is a computer that's almost 10 years old. There's only so much that you can push out of an old Mac like that. Be glad that it still has life in it. :D

You might want to see about trading it in for maybe a Power Mac G4 (Sawtooth, which has the AGP graphics slot, or later models) in the future. You would have a faster front-side bus and memory bus as well as PCI slots to play with. Plus, the G4 has Altivec extensions that Mac OS X makes great use of.

Or you could look at the iMac G4 with the flat screen.

Things to consider.

Regardless, congrats on your upgrade. Relish in the fact that Macs have better staying value than PCs do. ;)