upgrading iMac G5???


Hello all

My sister has an iMac G5 17" Model A1058 with 1 GB RAM. During a recent visit from me to her house she complained to me about the sluggish behavior of this Mac. So I had a look at it.
After running disk-utility and repairs on the disk the whole machine was much quicker. Noticing this Mac was still on Tiger I installed Leopard (I had an unused family disk since in my household the Mac's are on SnowLeopard and Lion): it works OK.
I am wondering however if further upgrades would be possible. First thing could be expansion of RAM up to 2 GB, second a SSD (max 120 GB since I also noticed that this would be ample sufficient in this case :) ).

Looking around on the net I found these RAM-strips:
Crucial CT2KIT12864Z40B, 2GB Kit (1GBx2) DDR 400MHz (PC3200) CL3 Unbuffered UDIMM 184pin PC-3200, 400 MHz, Non-ECC.
These are reasonably priced (at least for the EU), but the question is are the specs OK for this G5?

Secondly: what kind of SSD can be used (if at all)? I don't think TRIM is possible in Leopard so it should be a SSD with its own garbage removal capacity. Do these exist at all in the cheaper price range (under €125) ?

Thank you all in advance for your help