Upgrading RAM on Powerbook G4


Hi, just a quick question, probably simple:

I am currently running tiger with 512mb ram, if I buy a 1Gb stick, will there be any problems as there are to different sizes in the slots?
I think you mean that DIMMs don't need two identical chips like the old SIMMs did. :p

And I believe this was only an issue on early Pentium systems because of the design of the CPU (to put it simply, Intel stacked two 486 CPUs together which required the pairs of RAM so both CPUs could make use of it).

Macs only needed the pairs when the memory was to be interleaved, allowing for you to squeeze a little more performance out of the Mac.
Thanks a lot, i'll get on and buy that then, gonna get it from crucial, you guys seem to like it & its a very helpful webby for beginners like me :D