Upgrading to 9.2 in Classic


Hi there!! I installed OSX in my G4 last week and have been getting to grips with it since.
I upgraded to 10.0.4 and also downloaded the 9.2 upgrade for Classic. My question is how do I install 9.2 in Classic from OS X?? Do I have to change start up disk to 9 and then do it?? Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but bear with me...I'm kind of new to all this stuff

Also is there any way to allocate memory to applications within OS X...like there was in 9?? I have just shelled out for a 256Mb(512 total) upgrade so I want to take full advantage of its potential.

I hope these are not silly questions:rolleyes:

Great forum by the way!!!:)
Boot into 9.x (set the startup volume to the 9.x partition). Install 9.2 in 9.x, and boot back into X.

There is no need to allocate memory under OS X. It's all done by the operating system, like under Unix, Linux oder Winblows. The installed RAM gets used, don't worry about that.
Thanks for the quick reply!!:)

Appreciate it!

BTW....what do you think about downloading 10.1 like others on this forum?? Do you think its worth it?? Or should I just wait for my CD....whenever that arrives:( ??
You can't download 10.1. You HAVE to wait for the CD, there won't be a downloadable version.

If you are talking about the pre-release people are talking about, that's up to you. It's illegal and you are risking to screw up your Mac.
end of september to be exact...rumours are sometime around 23rd to 28th

plus the time shipping takes of course

but believe me, it's worth the waiting!!!