I'm upset, I bought a G4 450 mhz right before the 733 came out and now i'm stuck with it and i paid just as much as people did for 733 the next day. Is there anyway i can upgrade the processor? My mac can hardly handle osx, windows resize real slow, apps take forever to load, it gets really choppy sometimes. Anyone have similar problems with my kind of setup? (i have 20 gigs and 320 megs of ram)
I dont think there is an upgrade yet. Especially for the dual processors-if that's what you bought, I don't think there is an upgrade out yet. You would be better off just adding more ram though. Waiting is also a good idea, I am sure by the beginning of next year, the OS will be more refined and run more smoothly on your G4 450.

No promises.
Its a shame, i am in love with the new os and the mac but it runs so slowly. I would like apple to leave a little more room for upgrading.
I have the 733 and have had no real issues with X. From what I've read, however, your speed problem isn't really linkable (is that a word) to your processor. In fact, X runs great on my old 1998 Powerbook G3 - not as fast as the 733 but it is not that big a deal as to make me not use OS X on it.
I have done everything I could to recreate the problems described by others - impossibly slow finder, screen redraws, etc - and have failed. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. And that's just it - it seems more a function of luck than an individual's set up. People have told me that they've done their install of OS X in exactly the same manner as I have on exactly the same set up, and while I cannot guarantee that they are telling the truth, some of them have had major problems while I and others have not.
Go figure.