Uploading 10.1 img to dav.dyndns.org


Hey all --

I'm uploading the image we all covet to the addy in the
subject line. Note that it ain't quite out of altruism. I tried
to use the image from macavenger without a CD-RW drive,
to no avail. (No separate partitions on my disk. =-( )

So, I'm planning on d/l'ing this image from work tomorrow.
(macavenger: thanks, but methinks your server is totally
bloody swamped! yeowch!)

So.. owner of said space permitting, enjoy -- and get
the hell away from it around 9am EDT or so :D

-- coffeenowdammit
Folks, maybe I'm being daft, but the upload I tried before
going to bed last night never finished. In fact, the image
isn't there.

Must be that "24 hour" rule in the notes, but very
improperly enforced I must say..

I'll try again, but don't expect miracles..
Ya I saw ur Image --- but there was like 8 people logged into be last night ---- killed my bandwidth ~~~~SORRY~~~~~2 day I'lll Just buy the Damn thing at Compusa and post it ---- Got a friend who will go halves so ------ Till then thanks anyways --

PS ----this morning noone was logged in to me --- so if ya feel like try'in again !