Uploading Photo's


a few months ago I bought a digital camera
slimneo 66A. It was easy to upload the photo's on my iMac (OS 10.3.9). I had just connect the camera with my usb cable and I get a unnamed folder on my screen with the pictures. It works several times. Now it works any more !
there is nothing on the camera or the cable, because when I take my camera to the office
it works with any problems ( I have a G3 at the office). When i see on my i-mac in the folder with information I see there is a connection between the camera and my i-mac, but I think my i-mac don't recognized it as a driver.
Is there some one who can help me with a solution?
I didn't use any software to download my pictures. I had to connect my digital camera to my mac and there came a map on my screen with the pictures. Do you know any software to download the pictures?

best regards

My guess is that you're using "image capture" with comes with x.3.9
try to trash the preferences. connect your camera via usb start image capture and look into the preferences.

Otherwise do you have iPhoto from iLife'04 or iLife'05 ? if so yould define it to be the software that opens when a camera is connected.