Upside Down Monitor


I need to mount my monitor in such a way that it happens to be upside down. Is there any software/OS trick I can use to flip the image over?

Operating system: OSX 10.3.9
G4 Cube
IBM flat panel monitor DVI interface
There is a guy who has done a kernel hack that is a little similar to what you want, see his site here:

However, if you have an IBM LCD monitor, you should find that the mounting bracket on the back of it should be reversible - that is, you can fit it in either orientation. So if you are trying to hang it from the ceiling or something like that, it should be possible to keep it right-way-up. What model number does the display have? (I have access to a fair bit of detailed information you won't find on the net so maybe I can help you out).
Sometimes I am amazed at strange questions. I never thought it would be necessary to think of a way to use a monitor upside down.

This question belongs in some type of Ripley's museum
Yes, Tiger does offer the monitor rotate... however, for everyone else using an ATI card, their control panel (and the latest firmware update) offers the same functionality. Actually ATI has been doing VersaVision for quite a bit longer than Apple.