Urgent help, imac mid2007 runs stuck on white screen


Urgent help, imac mid2007 runs stuck on white screen

Hi everyone, I have an old imac from mid 2007,

I am not a computer expert at all, so hope someone can help me out

I wanted to try to get my imac files true my ipad, I had parallel accesses installed, but soon started to get problems, the numbers do not work from the keyboard, I tried to restart it a few times because parallel accesses got stuck constantly but I think serious damage is done,everything was on my imac, so I'm afraid to lose all of my photos ,documents. I can start it up, after I'll get my log in completely white screen afterwards I can not do anything, option 2 guest user, restart with only safari access, I can do this only to the disk utility of which I also have no knowledge at all.someone who can help me. I have already try starting with cmd + r

Cmd + v but nothing happens
First, you have to give our members time to log in and view your post. We are not a 24/7 help desk.
Second, while you did give a hint as to what is happening, the images are not allowing us to read what the crash report is saying. (and understand the language you are working in).

Command R is internet recovery - are your images the result of using Disk Utility from internet recovery? Have you selected repair drive?
I suggest you to run Disk Utility for repairs. Just restart your Mac and hold option+R keys. When your computer starts up, you will see the OS X utilities menu. Select Disk Utility and your start up disk. Then click Repair Disk and reboot your Mac. I hope this info will help you.