Urgent Help With Safari Caches


I made bookings for a flight a few days back and only got the confirmed flight itinerary today after I paid for it through an automated machine. Ended up they screwed up my flight dates to a month later and refused to change it to the original date I booked unless I pay a fee.

The thing is people might say I might have put the month wrongly, but I am certain I had it selected correctly. I even checked the booking online before I went down to pay for it at the automated machine, it was only after I paid and they sent me the finalized Itinerary that it was wrong.

I decided to check my safari Caches to find evidence to shove it up their faces. The problem I have now is that when I view the cache, it shows me the current status of the page. It came out as 'Session Timeout" on their webpage. Is there a way I can view the page as an image itself when the booking was made, instead of the current status?

It would be of massive help if this can be done. This is a very important flight for me. Thanks in advance


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The only way would be to have taken screenshots and/or saved the page when you were doing the booking. A bit late perhaps for your case now, but it does not hurt to do (just like when buying something bigger).

What site did this happen on? I had a similar problem years ago with ebookers - although it went undetected much longer. I had selected the return date to be on February, and I had made someone else verify that it was correct before I purchased it, and we only found out about the wrong date at the airport 5 AM when trying to check in (and even then, it was the third person trying to check us in who noticed that our flight was in March, not February).