URGENT...new hard drive iBook G4 help...


I just installed a new hard drive because my original one went bad (after a year and 3 months or so...so that sucks, but it happens). so I reconnected everything and put it all back together. now, when i go to put in the OS cd's and run the installation from the CD...I turn on the power, and hold down the "c" key, like it says to do on the CD. it just goes to the white apple screen (there usually is the little spinning thing at the bottom, but this time it's just the white screen and the gray apple icon). I'm curious if there is something that I have to do in order to partition the hard drive or format it before I can run the installation CD's. I just assumed that the formatting and such would all be part of the installation process from the CD's...but maybe not, figured I should just ask the pro's. any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks alot,
Jeremy Hewitt