URGENT! Problems with AOL / IE


Bit of an urgent one here peeps, would really appreciate some advice..

I'm just about to shoot off to a tradeshow overseas and my office have loaded up AOL onto my iBook for me. The account works fine and I have web access, but I can't use Microsoft Exchange via the web to access my email and calendar from the company server. Every time I go online then try to use Safari, IE, the AOL browser or Netscape I get an error message appear telling me I can't access the server because of something to do with 'access control'. Every other website works fine and when I connected to the MS Exchange server on my home iMac the other day it worked fine using IE.

Anybody got any ideas? Would it work to copy the telephone number, username and password to the Apple Internet Connect utility rather than use the AOL software? The bug appears to be that AOL won't let any of the other browsers use the internet connection....

Thanks in advance!


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Could you simply check those emails as another webmail site as pop-mail?

I'd copy the address book and calendar to the iBook to be sure to have them. And use either mail(.app) or other webmails allowing pop.


The message that comes up in IE when I try to connect to the MS Exchange server:


You were denied access because:

Access denied by access control list.

I can't visit any other web pages either!