url and cache problem OS X.5.8


I frequently buy music classes from an online vendor. Twice, with several months in between, I have clicked on one of his links in an email after a purchase and instead of my purchase, I'm looking at a down load page with 40 or more of his classes on it and ready to download. He is tilling me I need to clear caches and cookies and history, I keep telling him I do that at the end of each browsing session [safari] I only know about the stuff in browsing prefs and clearing the history.

A mac friend told me that Safari and google and others keep tabs on where I browse etc. Is that correct? Could some merchant's little cash cow data snooper be causing this problem?

Lastly are there hidden caches or other file types that I can access on my computer other than the choices in safari prefs? I'd like to get to the bottom of this so he doesn't think I'm reporting this stuff so he'll give me free classes. That's what he did the first time I told him about getting to the wrong page. I don't feel like it's my computer's fault but I don't really know that in the way some of you might. Can you help with this?

I realize you might need additional info and will gladly provide it but I can't provide the link for obvious reasons w/o his permission.

Can we assume that you know about the "Empty Cache" selection under "Safari" in the top menu bar?
Also, "Onyx" has the means to do a very thorough cache purge.
Just make sure to download the correct version for your OS.
Yes, I clear these, cookies cache, history manually and often. I have the correct safari version it's 5.0.6 something.