url icon for Favorites folder


I think MacOSX.com needs an url icon for in the favorites folder as well as when you visit the site.

Here are examples of url icons:



currently I have a star icon set before it. Edited it myself in the prefrences

This is what i found on the internet on favicons.
To add your own icon to your web site. All you will require is a 16 x 16 pixel large .ICO file. The file should be saved with the name favicon.ico (all lower case characters) and uploaded to your web site's home directory.

Most web browsers these days check for the presence of the favicon.ico file in the home directory. To help older browsers detect the file or if you do not want to keep the icon file in your home directory, add the following code into the <head> section of your page:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico">

Replace "/favicon.ico" with the actual location of your favicon.ico file ie: "/icons/favicon.ico".

With the favicon.ico file uploaded and the code in place, any browser capable of displaying a URL icon will load and display the file in the web browser. This is especially a neat feature for those who use Netscape or Opera 7+ with tabbed browsing. If you have multiple tabs open, the tabs will be identified not only with a title but an icon too. Recognizing what Web Site is displayed in which tab will now be even easier.

How about an X ?


well I'm still running xp but am switching to macosx. maybe that's why I can't see your X.
How come?


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What do you have your browser's cache setting set to? It sometimes won't display for me when the site has heavy traffic...I have noticed that. If you don't have a cached copy, that may be the issue.