urt on a campus network


hey guys,
has anyone heard of URT or user registration tool? from what i've heard its a system used by Cisco to authenticate with windows or novell directory servers and allow the user to access network resources. my college network has implemented URT to secure their network... so basically it filters you through your mac address. what happens is that simple authentication with the active directory server will only let me access uni websites... once the URT client kicks in the internet becomes available.

thing is that URT is only support by windows clients according to cisco. so what my college does is implement a VPN server for clients running OS X or linux. This is pretty annoying because VPN has a max bandwidth of 50K/sec, so its MUCH slower than the speed my windows counterparts enjoy.

does anyone know of anyway to implement URT on a mac? perhaps through some open source client?

cheers, Shahram