US purchased Photoshop license


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Wondering if anyone can help with this one, I own a licensed copy of photoshop CS2. One of my colleagues saw some of the photos that I rescued (using CS2) from a recent family wedding and is interested in buying the software for his own use. He will be travelling to the states in the next two weeks and intends to buy CS2. I'm wondering if the registration number from a US purchased copy of CS2 will work in Ireland. There is a considerable difference in price; €761 in Ireland vs. €490 in the US. Any advice?
The price differences is the currency difference. Euro dollar is higher then American dollar. The license is for machine you install it onto and can be used anywhere you take your computer :)
I had a suspicion that they might try to restrict you to where you bought your license, ie. European CS2 registration code only works in Europe. In terms of price, there is a currency differential but 21% of that price is value added tax (VAT). I think customers in the UK pay a similar tax. I really pushes up the price of everything. All goods are automatically 21% more expensive.
No such thing. People do travel, right? :) There's even graphics designers whose computers are not connected to the internet - and they can still use Photoshop.
The only limitation is where you get support from, but otherwise there no restriction on which country you run it on. If you buy it in America then I suspect you could not use European telephone support. Not that it counts for anything anything.

A side effect, and its not a big thing, is the use of English between US and British versions of the software, some menu items have different spellings, i.e. COLOR and COLOUR etc.
If I remember correctly, our Adobe CS2 package has several international support numbers inside, so that shouldn't really be an issue, either...