I live in Taiwan. Ihave an ibook G4 with OSX panther. I want to use Skype. I have a skype account. I tried their echotest to see if my microphone and headset work. They do not. If I use the built-in mike and built-in speakers that is o.k. When I loaded the CD for the following item, I got the output and input lines for the product. I chose those. At first I could listen to music (windows media) on the headphones, but after trying a skype test and setting skype to the same output/input setting, the headset sound and the mke sound became lots of white crackly noise with voices heard faintly, but inaudibly. The same it now true for music listening, though the volume is louder than before. I don't see anything on my mac to make the adjustments. And my technically proficient friends do not quite see what's wrong. The CD that comes with the following product automatically opens classic OS9 which i guess came bundled with my computer when I bought it. There are no instructions on the box.

Some folks think there are sound settings somewhere ont he Mac that I need to change.

Please advise.



USB Microphone and Stereo Headset

iBook and G4 Cube are the latest and hottest multimedia systems, but the iCommunicator makes them even better by restore your audio input capability while styling a hairdo-proof stereo headset. CompCable delivers another convenience for Mac enthusiasts. iCommunicator is a digital stereo headset, which is designed to go around the back of your neck to prevent harming your stylized hairdo. Made of elastic material, the headset accommodates various head sizes and ear shapes while providing a snug-fit. The left-mounted microphone boom provides a clear capture of your voice and works best if placed about an inch away from your mouth. The digital USB duplex audio solution eliminates the need for sound card on any PC or it acts as additional audio input/output device. Windows software is available for download at


USB 1.1/USB HID Audio 1.0 specification compliant
48.0kHz sampling rate
Independent operation form system with or without sound card
Bus-powered at 100mA, no external power


I/F Ports: USB Type A
Hardware Compatibility: Apple Computer with Built-In USB ports (iMac Rev. A and later).
Software Compatibility: Require MacOS 9.0 or later
Software/Media: Macintosh Driver/CD-ROM
Enclosure Material: Transparent Ice
MSRP: $54.95
Warranty: 1yr
UPC: 618504022438