USB Ethernet adapter


Notorious Olive Counter
Has anyone had any luck cajoling OS X into talking to a USB Ethernet adapter? I would like to get an iMac to act as a home firewall - it's quiet what with no fan and all, an obvious choice for the comp that stays on all the time, except of course there is no room in there for a second ethernet card.

I have a D-Link DSB-650 USB-Ethernet adapter (8.6 didn't work with that either, it hasn't been much use to me in a while - only Windows drivers available on their site). If I could get D-Link to work, it would be the ideal of course, save me getting a new adapter when I have this perfectly good one.

The System Profiler sees it, but there is no way to get the Network control panel to connect through it, nor does ifconfig see it.

What about other USB-Ethernet adapters? How about Firewire? Can anyone recommend another brand that they know to work reliably with OS X?