usb exceeding bandwidth


ok, here it goes:
TiBook with soundsticks/os 10.1.4/soundsticks are on their OWN usb port. hub attached to another port.

Occasionally, the soundsticks just loose connection to the computer and that USB port goes dead.

What I believe is happening is the USB port is exceeding it's bandwith and the kernel module is unloading rendering the port useless... After i restart it's fine again.

How I found this out is I attached the soundsticks to a WinXP maching and occasionally xp would announce that I was using more bandwidth than the usb port was allowed.

Anyone confirm or deny? Anyone know how to dynamically re-load those modules so I don't have to restart?


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Good diagnostic skills in finding the VERY strange problem. Call Apple and see what they have to say. I got the AppleCare option with my iMac TFT, and I've been on the phone to Apple like every week since (not so much with huge problems, but getting info out of them, minor problems, and the like).

I'm hugely pleased with my iMac TFT actually, still working on that display sleep problem tho...