USB hub problems


Ok I had picked up some no-name USB hub thinking these things were all plug and play... (maybe my mistake, it was ~$20 off of

what I've found is that only my Canon BJC-3000 (unsupported in OS X) is seen thru the hub.

My Canon digital camera is not accessible via Image Capture when I hot-plug it thru the hub (it is if I hot-plug directly to a built-in port), and my Logitech USB mouse (wireless) does not track if plugged in via the hub (tried a reboot with it plugged in as well).

So I have 3 USB devices, 2 built-in ports, and at least 2 of the devices do not seem to work when plugged into the hub (although as I said the printer info does show up under System Profiler when plugged into the hub).

Is this the way these things are supposed to work? Should I have been looking for some other kind of compatibility statement? This does have a power cord (which is plugged in), and has 4 green LEDs above the 4 ports it provides, all LEDs are lit.