USB hubs & 10.1


I have a simple 4 port USB hub from iogear (one of those free things you can ususally get from online dealers when I bought my computer). It no longer works with 10.1. I never had to install a driver or anything in 9.2. How can I get it to work? I have several USB items that I use and the hub is important to me. Any thoughts?
Have you checked each individual part? I had a problem with my external hard drive that went through the hub and I thought it was the hub but it turns out (according to some friendly help I got from Club Mac, the company that sold it to me) apple doesn't support usb hard drives, only firewire. :mad: Why they do this is beyond me, I love my usb drive and I don't have firewire so why should I give it up? I am just hoping that a new update to OS X.1 supports it.
Is it a powered hub? If so, try unplugging it and disconnecting all peripherals for a minute or two, then hook everything up again. I had this sort of problem with my USB hub once, and this fix worked. Apparently what happens is a buildup of static electricity, and disconnecting everything allows it to discharge (?).
BTW, used exactly the same fix on my Surfboard cable modem when it stopped being able to locate my ISP's DHCP server.