I just installed OS X... i works not really fine... it's quite slow... my iMacDV400 SE with 256 is slower than under os 9.2... my main problem is that none of the peripherals i have are seen by the OS. In the sistem profiler they appear as non-named items ... the thing that the os sees is my canon bj3000 printer but the printer center tells me it can't work. Overall i'd like to use my canon mv3i firewire digital camcorder and even more my USB ISDN Billion external modem... any suggestion? I have 10.0.4 updated yesterday with the update program
For your camcorder see if iTunes recognises it. As for your ISDN modem I can't help, except to say that I believe DSL (ADSL, etc) is a bit faster and I think possibly even cheaper - the catch being that it is only faster on downloads, on uploads it is slower. If you want stay with ISDN then contact the guys who produced the modem and see what plans they have.