USB Keyboard Recommendations?! ...

Ok, i want to use my iBook a lot more (until i get my iMac), so i was going to have the display on my Monitor, and use my Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer in my iBook. But i can't stick typing for too long on the keyboard, i'd much prefer a "proper" keyboard. And so, i'm after a USB keyboard, altho i don't wanna pay the earth for one, as, like i said... I hope to get an iMac Shortly to replace my PeeCee, and give my iBook a rest! :p

Any Recommendations Peeps?!

i had a feeling that was coming! ... they do look great ... but it was the price! MAN! ... £55 or so for a keyboard?! S**t that seems a lot! My PeeCee one, which i've had for about 3 years now. cost me, like £5 or something! I've looked around Computer Fairs for USB Keyboards, but they are scarce, and are obviously Windows based! Which could confusion to someone like me! :p

Maybe i should go with a Pro Keyboard?! ... hmmmm... Or maybe i should hold out, and get a Desktop Machine?! I really want one, and i suck @ saving! ... so Finance looks an option! but i dunno!

Thanks :D



I had the chance of using a Logitech keyboard, it has Mac keys (just need to install their driver for the keys to work as you'd expect) and all the media buttons work beautifully.

This is defenatly my next keyboard (unless I get a waterproof rollup/foldable keyboard - but they're not as comfortable).


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I have a MacAlly iKey and it's pretty cool. Just don't try to pry the keys off for cleaning. I've broken more keys that way.


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neyo, you might find the answers i got almost a year ago to still be relevant.

the adesso i got finally got function drivers for os x and i am happily typing to you on it today.

but i'm not sure if you really want anything this big with a book. certainly would be alot to lug around. on that note, there was a small portable keyboard shown at mwsf last year that is only half size and requires a special shift so that essentially each key works for 2 letters. i could probably find the info on that if you think you would be interested.