USB Mouse issues after Tiger install


Dark Archon
I have experienced issues with an iMac G5 having mouse lock-up after Tiger has been installed. The issue only arises after the computer has been started after shut down. When it is put to sleep, the mouse doesn't lock up. This has been the issue with 2 different USB mice. The only fix thus far is to unplug the mouse, and connect it to one of the other USB ports. Very strange. Anyone else experiencing this?

Computer: iMac G5, 1 GB RAM (Apple installed RAM), OS X 10.4.0
Mice: Kensington Iridio USB Mouse & Old School Apple USB Mouse.


I was experiencing this yesterday but after I left the mouse in the switched usb port it rebooted just fine. The was also no issue with the MAC mouse booting so I guess it is just my logitech. I've not looked for a seperate driver though. My issue came about after I had mounted network drives to load on startup. After I took them out of my login to test this, the logitech mouse had no conflicts with booting.