Usb - Palm Device Connection


I have a Samsung i500 cell phone Palm PDA combo.

I have been unsuccessful in trying to synchronize it with my Mac G4 running OS 10,0.4 using either iSync or Palm Sync. I have Missing Sync for the Mac and the process is successful up to the dialog box that says "connected." The progress bar starts, but then hangs.

Thinking the device is not really connected [hardware issue], I checked system profiler. It does not show the i500 device in the USB connections. I have tried two different USB cables, so it should not be a faulty cable.

Am I overlooking some well known issue?

Thank you.
I am a Mac user and just switched from Samsung's i330 to i500. It took numerous attempts to get it to sync with my iLife applications (cal & address) but I finally got it to work. And the i500 is a sweet phone and a great improvement over the i330 so well worth the effort is you use iLife applications.

So, if you use iLife applications, follow these steps exactly.

Downloaded Palm 4.2.1 from Palm web site and installed. Then re-install two iSync downloads:
first install (re-install) iSync 1.5 then install (re-install) iSync Palm Conduit. Do these installs in this order.

After all installations were complete, I went into the upgraded Hotsync Manager's Conduit settings and 'enabled' iSync. Finally, I plugged in the i500 cradle, restarted the computer and, magic, it all worked. If these steps don't work immediately, and you can, remove all existing Palm files & folders. Then start over on install of 4.2.1. I had removed all previous Palm versions since I had no User data in Palm and was struggling.

Also, FYI, I bought Missing Sync (before I figured out the 3 steps outlined above worked). However, I never got it to work (Missing Sync might help with Entourage but I did not try it). So, to me it was a waste of money.

Also, if you have all your data in Palm, I was able to sync the i500 from it cradle immediately after upgrading from Palm 4.0 to the Palm 4.2.1.

Good luck.