USB - Palm (Handspring) synching?


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does anyone have any news about USB compatibility in 10.0?

The only glaring problem for me with the public beta has been my inability to sync up a Visor.

In the interest of anyone else who may be wondering, synching a visor w/ a usb cradle works fine in OSX 10.0. It uses Classic, but at least it works. Yay!

how pathetic! I must respond to my own post...

(I guess that means the answer to my question was too obvious for anyone to bother.)

Don't take it personal. We're all losers.

I guess we can't be too bad if we use OS X.

Anyway, do you still have a question?

No. I answered my question. The question was:

Can a person sync a Handspring Visor in OSX? (i could not get it to work in the Public Beta)

The answer is:

(using a usb cradle and the Palm Desktop software running in Classic mode.)

My Plam Vx has about a 50/50 chance that it will sync through Classic and when it does work it hangs when Avantgo tries to connect to the net. I hope Palm get the native version of Palm Desktop out soon.