Usb Pci Card in a 7300/180, Digital Camera Not Mounting


My Dad just bought a Pentax OptioS55 digital camera. We hooked it up to his USB PCI card in a 7300/180 with a MAXpowr G4 350 upgrade running OS 9.2.2.

It will not mount and upon checking his manual it states it only works on USB if it is a standard port that came with the system. Not a USB PCI card add on.

This to me is quite silly since the scanner, printer etc work just fine plugged into the same card.

Does anyone know of a way to succeed in getting this darn Pentax OptioS55 digital camera to mount. Is there a third party extension or some sort of work around?

Thanks in advance!


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Have you checked Pentax's site for any particular Mac drivers or related software?


wow, 1.4g is way faster!
after looking at the manual and quick reference card, i would like to ask if you are sure the camera is in pc mode and not pictbridge mode. also, have you installed all the software that came with the camera? also it states that the camera is not guaranteed on all computers meeting the requirements, and being it is a rather new camera and your mac stock doesn't meet the requirements, it may never work. usb was rather buggy in os 9. just to use a simple cf card reader, i had to make sure that i had the latest carbonlib (as does your camera) and then that all the usb drivers were the newest. there were like six different ones required for the card reader. i upgraded my 7500 in like manner, and had problems with usb untill i upgraded to 10.1.5 before i got things to mesh happly.


We managed to get the Pentax to mount! Thanks for the tip. I did not realize there was this output selector for USB or Pictbridge. It works great now. Thank you so much.