USB port crashes on wake from sleep


Sometimes if I am too quick to move the mouse when my flat-panel iMac wakes from sleep the mouse and keyboard (the mouse is plugged into the keyboard) will stop working. Switching the keyboard to another USB port will cause it to start working again but for the rest of that session the previous USB port is dead until I reboot.

I am assuming that some UNIX process has crashed or some resource has become locked. Anyone have an ideas on how to re-initialize the locked USB port without rebooting?

I have this problem with my iMac DV-SE 500 as well but it doesn't happen as often because it wakes from sleep faster. Both computers are running 10.1.5 and the problem has been around since 10.0.


mac shaman
having just started to use the sleep function again recently, i have experienced the mouse freeze. but mine works if i just unplug and replug it in the same usb port.

it also seems to be less likely to happen if i wake with the keyboard rather than the mouse. ocassioanlly my old habit creeps in and i use the mouse but i'm getting better.

and yes, it would be nice to get rid of this annoyance. but an annoyance is all it really is for me at this point.