usb ports


hello to everybody,

I had some problems with the drivers for macosx for my "draytek isdn modem
but then I find the right drivers. Now i have installed the modem but the os x
don't find the usb ports.
Thanks for information bye bye
Give us a bit more information. What Mac?
All I can think of now:

1) Zap the PRAM...completely! (five jingles)
2) Download the newest firmware
3) Reinstall X
4) Ask the guys making the Draytek Drivers (TKR IIRC) if they know something about that bug
Do you have a dual processor machine?

It appears there is problems with OSX when running on dual processor machine, hence, no dual processor machines currently being built. I have been trying to get an answer from apple since OSX was released, but, I never get any reply.

One solution is to switch of one processor. This is supposed to work but I have refused to try it. I have tried the latest version of OSX (10.0.4) and the latest draytek driver.

I am assuming that it will be fixed in 10.1.