USB Speakers on USB PCI card


I have a beige G3/500 running 9.2.1 with a PCI USB card. Is there any way for me to get USB Audio to work on my machine? Every other USB device has not had a problem with my computer, but for some reason USB audio refuses to work. If I look in Apple System Profiler it says that it sees the speakers and they are indeed an audio device, yet the built-in sound never turns off and the speakers remain silent.
Did they work before 9.2.1?

My PowerBook wouldn't run my USB QuickCam once I upgraded to 9.2.1...

Have you gone to the hardware manufacturers website, and e-mailed/phoned them?

I'm assuming it's just a driver issue... Do they work in OS X?
I cannot run OS X because my Voodoo5 causes it to freeze during startup. This is a very annoying incompatibility, but considering the fact that most of the stuff I do doesn't work or doesn't have an equivalent yet in X, I'm not overwhelmingly disappointed.

I don't know if the speakers worked on my prior to OS 9.2.1, because I installed them after I updated to 9.2.1. The iMac I used to test them runs 9.1.
Well it turns out that it does work in OS 10.1 (I finally had the courage to flash my Voodoo5 to PC, disabling it, and install OS X), so there must be a quirk in 9.2.1 that is keeping it from working. Just for the record, what I was trying to connect wasn't exactly a pair USB speakers, but instead the MD-Port DG-1, a USB audio device.