Usb Work/don't Work



I've been experiencing USB issues over the last couple of months. Early on, device's would simply unmount randomly and infrequently. Over time, it worsened to the point that usb ports failed repeatedly thoughout the day.

This all started after a series of consecutive power outages in June. I have a surge protector, but perhaps to no avail.

In my attempt to resolve t heissue I cleaned out my caches, repaired permissions via Disk Utility and Apple Jack. I used a couple of Preference checkers to determine if I had a bad file. Those came back clean. To make sure, I moved all preference files to my desktop and slowly over time put them back, no luck. I also ran Disk Warrior and Apple's Hardware test...everything came back ok.

Finally, today, I reinstalled 10.3-9. The iMac has worked fine though a download of all my documents, Office 2004 install, Firefox install and an iPodRip install. When moving music from my iPod back to the iMac, the mouse froze. The laser would activate upon any mouse command, so it was getting power. My keyboard stopped responding as well. The one USB port that did not fail had my printer plugged into it and that machine was turned off.

Regardless, I removed the printer and moved my mouse to that usb port. The mouse came back to life. The keyboard is down in the other two ports.

I'll reboot and per my experience, the USB ports will come back to life until the next event shorts them out. (BTW, System Profiler can see the keyboard & mouse.)

I need help either further troubleshooting a software issue or troubleshooting a hardware issue.

I'm at a complete loss and would appreciate any help out there.

iMac, USB2
512 Ram, 1.25 GHZ
160 Gigs

Thanks in advance~