Use ipod on mac and pc


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what can I do so that I can also read disk data of my ipod on a pc. My iTunes Library is currently on a Mac and I do not want to change that...

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You can format the iPod as FAT32 on the PC using the iPod Software Restore (this will wipe the iPod clean, so make sure you've got a backup of whatever is on the iPod). As far as I know, a FAT32-formatted iPod will still work with a Macintosh.

You can also use software like MacDrive on the PC that will allow the PC to read the iPod's HFS+ format.
the best thing is to download the ipod updater for windows, and use it to make your ipod a windows one, and then plug it back into the mac and link it to that itunes lib. that is what did with my 3rdGen ipod and it works fine. lots of room to have days of music, and room to copy files back and forth between my mac and win pc. ipod is windows formatted and it's readable but not writeable in osx. How do I format the ipod as fat32 rather than ntfs (assuming here that it's ntfs, I don't know for sure).
vic the iPod needs to be fat formatted on the PC side.
Disk Utility does not do FAT formatting for Macs ... but if I remember correct, some command line formatting should work. So man pages are your friend...
how old is your ipod? the first windows ipods did not work well, or at all, with macs. i think it wasn't till the 3rd gen ipods that could work with both computers, if formated with the windows ipod updater downloaded from apple. like i said, thats what i did. it came mac formatted, but i wanted to use it as a hd too, so i downloaded the ipod updater for windows from apple, pluged my ipod in, and ran the updater. now my ipod says windows formatted, and has read/write on both os x and win xp.