user management from command line?

I prefer to add users with...

  • adduser

  • vipw

  • the shiny clicky button thing

  • huh? unix?

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Which configs store group information?

Comments in /etc/group say that it is only used for single user mode (which seems rather oxymoronic) and that some daemon handles user and group permissions. Weird.

Pardon me if I haven't noticed some obvious new utility, but there doesn't seem to be any way to add/remove users or edit groups from Terminal or over a remote connection.

I know one GUI way to edit group info with the NetInfo manager. How can I manage users from the command line? Can you manually create and edit accounts with <tt>vipw</tt>?
niutil is the cli tool for editing NetInfo domains. I think I used adduser a couple times with no ill effects, but mostly I use the GUI