User permissions, FTP, etc...

Hello all...I have a few questions about setting up user permissions and securing the FTP server in OS X...

As we all know, non-root volumes are by default full rwx for all users (a security risk that I find highly unacceptable and I pity the poor user that unknowingly checks the "Turn on FTP" box). I am trying to set up a user account for FTP purposes that is constrained to only a single branch of the directory tree (say /Users/ftp for example) and can not navigate out of that branch to see anything else on the computer. I know very little about *nix system administration, so I am unsure how to do this, especially using NetInfo Manager, which I can find little or no documentation for on the net.

Anyway, my set-up is currently two different drives. One 30GB drive that I use as my main MacOS 9.1 drive, and one 10 GB drive that I use for OS X and also holds the OS 9.1 system folder that I use for classic. I would prefer it if I can keep users from mucking around on the 30GB drive if possible (and/or perhaps give access to a few places on that drive, but definitely keep the important stuff out of reach).

I managed to run a slightly secure server w/ the PB, but it required me to basically chmod just about everything in my system (which broke a few things, and corrupted a few OS 9.1 system files that caused me to have to re-install 9.l) in order to keep users out. This was a royal pain, and I am sure that there is an easier way of doing this, but I cannot find a good tutorial on it.

So, does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? Or know of any resources online that have instructions that are perhaps meant for the non-*nix guru? I kind of know my way around the CLI, but I am not sure where to start.

I appreciate any help that you can offer. Thanks!
There was an article about this someplace I was reading not too long ago...

Check and, I think it was one of the two. Sorry I can't recall exactly.