~username someTimes = not respond?


Anyone seeing this?

every once in a while - when Im trying to access a webiste set up on Apache in 10.0.3...

If I type in (for example) (but leave out the "/" at the end)

I get this error: not respoding.

When I type in the full address including the "/" it fixes it and starts working again.

Ive never seen a webserver be so picky....Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? Or is anyone else seeing this?
Yeah, I'm having the same problem... :confused: It did work for the first few days, but now I get the message that it's looking for (which I know is localhost, but I don't know WHY it's looking there... I have no mention of localhost in the index.html I have located in the users folder). In fact, I get that message for EVERY subdirectory I have in my web server folder. Even if I make a directory called "blah," put a simple index.html file in there that just displays some basic text, and hit "http://www.mydomain.com/blah", it STILL says that it's looking for whenever viewing that document from the outside world. Argh!