Users and Groups in X


I'm curious about solutions for setting up users and groups in X without creating multiple user accounts. For instance, in 9.x I had multiple users and groups set up for different shared folders and volumes.

drop box works but I don't feel like I have enough control over who and where other users get into my machine. Maybe I'm just missing something here.

no I think that you are pretty acurate! Put everything you want to share into a public folder or a shared folder, if it is a shared folder that you create then adjust the user prefs by selecting the folder and the 'get info' command (open-apple I). That should get you a bit closer to what you are looking for. However I do think you will still need to create 'users' on your machine.

How does XP handle this? I know they have some interesting ways of handling multiple users; might be the only decent thing microsoft does.
I looks to be a way to control all of this in the netinfo manager... perhaps some kind soul can contribute some tips there..

All I Really want is a single folder that is only accessable by a certian user/group name and password. :rolleyes:

Would this be for remote login? If its for a local login you will probably have to create the user fron the Users's control pannel, but if its for remote login, or just for su usage (i.e. 'su john' to switch to user john for a bit) then you can just set it up in NetInfo Manager. I personaly haven't set any of this up through there so I don't know how exactly to do it, but I have heard the easiest way is to duplicate a user already in the NetInfo database (make sure to back up first, there is a way to do this in NetInfo Manager) and edit that user to what you need. If you want I think you can set the directory you want them to access as their home directory.
We're part of a larger corporate network. I really can't have any guest access to my machine for security reasons.. I don't put stuff in Public. Under OS 9 we used to have a shared folder on each Mac with a different user name and password associated with it. That way each person in our group had access. Simple enough...

I did try making a new user and having people log in and out like that. There were all sorts of sharing issues trying to move files from one account to another. You know, the sort of stuff where X says it belongs to user "XYZ" and I can't play with it. Or worse yet, I move a file to the account (if it lets me) and the person who is trying to copy it gets an error saying the file belongs to me and it can't be copied.. can "o" worms.

All I want to do is make a folder and assign a user or group to it so that user or group can log on to my machine, see only that folder and move files back and forth. It's just a shared folder with a password for crying in the beer!:D