Users and Groups - Where are the Groups?


I am setting up an FTP server now and was kinda wondering: Where did the old Users & Groups go to? I have figured out how to make all the different users that I need, but when I want to assign a folder to several different users, I can't figure it out. There has to be the option because when using the Inspector, you can assign a group to a particular folder. So where are these settings kept? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i hear ya, i was doing the same thing and couldn't find it. There is nothing in Multiple Users. In Unix/Linux you are able to change a users group with the newgrp command, however it isn't in darwin. the only thing related to groups that can be done in darwin (or so it appears) is chgrp which simply changes a file's group id. There is a /usr/group file, and it has stuff in it. I'm thinking assigning a user to a group may have been left out for the beta...
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I'm thinking assigning a user to a group may have been left out for the beta...

Its there, not in multiple user thou. Go to netinfomanager under appllications:utilitys and you will find both user and groups plus a lot of other things.
This could use a better explaination :)

To add a group:

Open /Applications/Utilities/NetInfoManager
Open the "groups" folder
Click "Create New Directory" (button to the left)
Change the name value.
Select "New Property" from the Directory Menu.
Change the propetry name to "passwd" (no quotes, now or below)
Select "New Value" from the Directory Menu.
Change the value to "*"
Add another property with the name "gid" and the value a unique number >=100 (no default groups have a value higher than 99, so you just have to keep track of the groups you add)
Add yet another property with the name "users" and add all the users (short name) that should be members of this group each as an own value.

A little complex, but easy when you get the hang of it. Observe that to change the group of a file/folder you have to be the owner of that file, and a member of the group you change it to (unless you login as root). Also you have to relogin for Finder to know any new groups you are a member of.

And beware when you use the NetInfoManager. You can really mess up your system in there.
Another question about this: How could I set it up so when a user logs in via FTP, they will only see folders that are assigned to their group? In other words, I don't want them to have a Documents, Public, etc. folders. I am guessing that any users that need to belong to this group just need to be entered into the system via the Multiple Users panel, but I would like to turn off all the normal user capabilities so they do not have their own directories. Thanks for your help on this, your first post was very very helpful. Hope it can help others as well.

I don't think it's possible to restrict a group to a folder. It is however possible to restrict users to their home directory. You can either change the users home directory in NetInfoManager (use /dev/null for none), or you can put an alias to the common folder in their dir. (If you change it, you can then delete the original dir.) Note that a home dir doesn't have to be owned by the user, nor does he have to have write access to it. You can also disable remote login (ssh/telnet) by setting shell to /dev/null in NetInfoManager. I don't think this will disable local login though.

To restrict a user to his/hers home dir (in ftp), add the name to the file /etc/ftpchroot (it might not exist until you create it). I've just realised you can get to /etc/ by typing it in the Go To field in the open dialog, and also that administrators have access to make new files there. They don't have access to edit most existing files though for some reason.