Using a Mac to recover data on a PC HDD?


Hello there,
A friend has an old PC that has finally died on him (I have of course numerous times tried to get him to convert to Mac to no avail). Although I personally have not seen the drive yet, I have been told that it is not bootable anymore.

I have in the past successfully used data recovery software on my MacBook Pro to recover the data on a damaged PC (USB) harddrive. However, this time around, I'm not sure what I should do, as this PC harddrive is internal. Is there any way I can recover the files for my friend off of his drive using my Mac? (Situations like this make me so happy "target" mode exists on the Mac side!!)

Oh, and should mention, I also have access to a Windows PC, but it is a laptop (so I cannot simply dump the drive into a tower and run it as a slave).

Any thoughts?