Using Apple's Compressor with FCP/DVDSPro


mach-o mach-o man
Greetings all, I've never posted in this area before, but there's a first for everything, right?

So I've got this project in Final Cut Pro, which is destined for a DVD produced from DVD Studio Pro.

I was hoping to make use of Apple's for the final MPEG-2 DVD compression. From within FCP, I select my sequence, and choose (this is from memory, because my G5 is off at the moment) "File -> Export -> Export to Compressor". launches with my material loaded in it. I adjust everything how I want it, and go get lunch. When I return, I've got the final files - my MPEG video file, and my audio file.

So, I launch DVD Studio Pro, and import these assets. Everything is going great, but I realize, when I finish, DVD Studio Pro is going to compress it again! (Or am I wrong?).

Is there a way to prevent this?

Thanks in advance!
DVD Studio Pro should NOT recompress your files if they are already DVD Studio Pro / DVD compliant. You should check the DVD Studio Pro Manual and see what types of files it requires so as NOT to recompress.

By checking the manual it may tell you what Template to set in Compressor for going to DVD Studio Pro. Or this may be in the Compressor manual.

I usually render to UnCompressed because I go to many different mediums after that. --DVD, CD, web, Flash, Tape, etc.-- I tend to set up a Batch Render in Sorenson Squeeze and render to my various formats from there.

One things for sure... you don't want it to compress to MPG twice. You'll be losing more quality than necessary.(but you already no that as I'm sure that's why you asked.)