Using Groups with Sharepoints Question


I have recently stared to experiment with Sharepoints in a small office network environment.

Is their any way to apply multiple Groups to a Shared Folder?

I would like to have every user with their own shared folder, acting as a drop box for the other users. The problem is since the user owns their folder and the assigned Group has read only privledges to the other users folders, I don't have access when i log on as an admin.

I'm use to OS9 file sharing so I may be going about this the wrong way.

Any help would be appreciated.


go to 'Get Info -> Ownership & Permissions' in the group area change the access mode to write only(drop box) do the same with the others option. by typing the following in the command line should accomplish the same thing 'chmod u=rwx,g=w,o=w /path/to/directory'