Using iMac as router/webserver blalala


I have an ADSL service where I get one static IP address. Now I want to set up an iMac as a fileserver/webserver/firewall etc. My other two computers (one PowerBook G4 and one PC Laptop) both have WLAN/Airport. I don't have an Airport Basestation. I was thinking is there in anyway possible to use the iMac both a router to the Internet for the laptops via Airport and a fileserver/webserver/firewall with the static IP-address provided by my ISP? The iMac will be connected to the DSL modem via ethernet.

Cool if it would work, because an used iMac is almost cheaper than a new Airport Basestation...

Yep, you certainly can set up your iMac as a router. All you need to do is install a program like BrickHouse to set up a Firewall and enable NAT (IP Forwarding). There are a lot of instructions out there on how to set up IP Forwarding, just do a search on that term in the forums.

Post if you need help.