using .img file to copy OS X CD


alright, i made a .img file of the Mac OS X CD in read only uncompressed format. Now i want to burn it to a CD so i can install it. I have Toast delux. Sounds simple huh? well its giving me hell..
i used toast to creat a CD using "Disk Image" which seemed fine.. but the CD it created... well when i insert it it wont even show up on the desktop, and if i restart and hold the C button it wont boot into it.
So what am i doing wrong? I did try mounting it.. hitting select all and just copyin that to a CD, but that CD still wont boot.. i think iv created 4 coasters out of CDs so far.. any tips would be great, thanx
all i have to say is that if you already had the os x cd to make an image of it, why not use that to do the install? or might it be that you got your copy off of hotline? i can tell you that you can't use disk copy to do a UNIX bootable disk image though. you need to use toast itself i think. by the way, even if you got it off of hotline, if you mounted it before you burned it, that's why it doesn't work. but don't download it again. BUY IT! don't say you can't afford 129 bucks. you use your os everytime you turn on your computer. apple's worked long and hard on this. now, IF you bought it you don't need to burn another cd to install. DUH!
I had the same problem too, and now I have been told that if you make disk img then some needed installation files will not be made included in img file. Only way you can do is to copy the cd. That's all i know.

I know how to do this but I paid for my copy and don't know that you did so I can't feel right about telling you how but I will say that I found the information online so you can too. Sorry to be a bugger. But at least you know it can be done now.

I am not trying to be self righteous or anything - I have done my share of naughties too...