Using LDAP


NeXT guy
Has anyone managed to use an LDAP server for user authentication or for use within
There is an app that allows you to specify LDAP for both of these, but I've been unable to add some importatn information (like the base dn of my LDAP) to it, and it dosn't seem to do anything anyway. At least my OS X box never hits the LDAP sever.
I've also tried LookupManager availabe from which completely trashed my system.

It also seems Apple has gone it's own way for implementing directory services. At least I couldn't find anything like nsswitch.conf or anything similar to PAM.

Anyone had more success?
OK, finally managed to authenticate agains my LDAP Server using LookupManager.
Just in case somebody wants to try this, too.
Backup your NetInfo database!
I would be interested in knowing what you did here?

Are you running your LDAP server on MacOS X? and if so, which one? or are you connecting to one on another machine?

I have OpenLDAP running on Linux, and was wondering if I could use that to do authentication for Linux and MacOS X
I'm running OpenLDAP on another machine (Sun Solaris).
So yes, you can use OpenLDAP for authentication on OS X and Linux.
I used LookupManager to set up OS X (see above), as I couldn't figure out how to activate LDAP lookups with DirectoryManager (I think that's what it's called) that comes with OSX.
If oyu start LookupManager it pops up a Readme, which you should read carefully.
I crashed my system 3 times until I got the settings right, you are warned.
Also currently you can't get your group entries from LDAP.....
Maybe one day Apple documents all this, and we find a better way to do it.
Let me know your experiences.