Using Mac OS X as a file server and for FTP... need help!

Hi-Fi Guy

I have a machine with 3 partitions

5GB Mac OS 9.1
5GB Mac os X
20GB for file sharing

Under Mac OS X I can not figure out how to share files off of the 20GB partition. OS X seems to only want to share user accounts that reside on the same partition as itself.

can I ...

A.) Share files off the 20GB partition at all?
B.) Create a user on the 20GB partition and share that "user's" files
C.) Do I neet to reinstall Mac OS X on the 20GB Partition?

Any and all feeback appreciated

Thank you!

Hi-Fi Guy
I have a similar situation but different purpose, same partitioning scheme. What I have done is use the 20GB partition for my files and documents, and have replaced all references to the user's documents folder in OS X with an alias pointing to the partition, directory or file.

This is more efficient for me because space from my system partitions isn't taken up by redundant info and I don't have to worry about cleaning out the OS X (or 9.1) volumes should anything need to be erased or reinstalled. This also simplifies the backup process because I needn't worry about anything but the one volume.

Hope this helps.
I had tried using an alias originally but could not get it to work over the network.

If your setup works let me know step by step... otherwise I'm erasing this HD later today!

If you place a symbolic link to the directory on the 20 GB drive in one of the user directories that user can access it remotely. For some reason a normal alias doesn't work, at least not on my system.
While on the topic of FTP, does anyone know how to get anonymous FTP working without having to create an extra user account in OS X?
I ended up reformatting and then having a UNIX friend help me. Between the two of us we were able to set up a very efficient FTP system that can adapt rapidly to multiple users.

We really only needed the Terminal to modify some user privilidges. Once Apple impliments users and groups in OSX in a manner equal or better than OS 9 it will all be point and click, until then try The Moose's Assistant or find a friend who lives and breaths UNIX.