Using My Actiontec Modem to Network


Okay, here's one even the tech support guy at Actiontec didn't know how to do though he said that it's possible. We have Qwest dsl using an Actiontec GT701 modem with wireless connected to our desktop (OS 10.3.9 soon to be upgrading to 10.4) via ethernet. My wife's iBook (also OS 10.3.9) has an Airport Extreme card and is configured to share internet capability. I want to set up a full wireless network between the desktop and the laptop. And if I can do that, where do I go to learn how to use it. Examples: I want to share the desktop Safari bookmarks with the laptop. Our scanner is connected to the laptop and I want to move scanned images to the desktop.
The Actiontec tech said he knew how to do it for Windows but not Mac. Another example of us Mac users getting no respect EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE THE BETTER SYSTEM!!!! Thanks for letting me vent. Hope you can help me.
Allan S.