Using My Mac Mini As a Router?


I own a Mac Mini. It connects to the internet through my wireless airport hub. I have a Fedora Core 4 Linux box. It connects to the internet through the ethernet port on my Mac Mini. I have web sharing turned on in the Mini.

My problem is that I can view webpages on the linux through the mini, but it is slow and I cannot use any "programs" to communicate over the net. Example: IRC can not connect to any of it's servers. I also get locked out of downloading certain files, especially FTP.

What I want to do is be able to connect to programs like Online games, IRC, and FTP using my Linux by communicating through my MacMini. I am using the newest version of OSX on my mini.

Do I need to set up a proxy or firewall? How can I use my Linux box as though it were connected directly to my Surfboard cable modem? Is it possible? I want full access to all internet/network based applications on my linux, without having to purchase a hub or any other additional hardware.

I cannot use the ethernet port on my airport hub because my Dual 2.5 G5 currently owns that port. So that is not possible. All other computers on my network work fine. I refuse to use windows. Please help me teach my Mac and Linux boxes to coexist peacefully. Thank you.

(I play games on my Linux through the program known as Cedega. It is found at . Just incase any one is interested on why I said "play games" when referring to my linux box. Thanks again)

Relates to: Sharing Services
Mini Mac; Mac OS X (10.4.2); 256 megs of ram

By the way. My Linux box cannot see my G5 computer on the network, while the G5 cannot see the Linux. I also need to be able to connect to the Linux through my G5. Just FYI. Thank you again.

g5 2x2.5; Mac OS X (10.3.8); 1.5 gigs ram


P.S. I have been told by someone that I need to fiddle with the settings to allow other traffic under internet sharing. How would I do this?