Using my third mouse button?


I have a logitech 3-button mouse, and I have come to rely on the third button as a double-click in OS 9. Not being able to use the third button is one of my major annoyances in OS X (and part of the reason I still use 9 90% of the time). Anyway, I am wondering if there are an hacks out there to use this third button and assign a funtion to it. BTW, this is a serial mouse, not sure if that makes a difference. Thanks.
Good question. I've been looking for the same solution for some time as well.

I wonder if there is a unix way of doing this...I imagine it'll involve hacking the mouse driver in OSX.
I don't know about other Unix's, but with Linux most of the support for the middle mouse button is built into the software you use (ie, window manager mainly). So I assume we have to wait for logitech to write the drivers, but I could be wrong.

Keep track of USB Overdrive. There should be an OS X version available eventually, according to the developer's web page. It will probably be able to do what you want. You can always download the OS 9 version and assess the features.