Using Norton Speed Disk under OS X


I know there's been many questions concerning the use of Disk Doctor under OS X. Does the same apply to Speed Disk? I'm worried that if I ran Speed Disk under OS X that it would ruin the Classic folder. And if I used it while running Classic as the startup disk that it would ruin the OS X folder. Any ideas? Experiences? Predictions? I'm hoping that a future version of Norton for OS X will be able to optimize the entire hard drive, including the Classic folder, without making a mess.
If you purchase Norton Utilities 6.0 (available as a download from the Symantec online store), you can use Disk Doctor and Speed Disk on an OS X drive.

HOWEVER . . . you MUST run it after booting up from OS 9.0.4! Do NOT run it while running OS X or Classic under OS X!!

If you take these simple precautions, it'll work just fine on all your disks: OS X, separate Classic partitions, and any other Mac volumes.
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Can this be done even if the drive is not partitioned?

Yes--but you either have to order the Norton Utilities 6.0 bootable CD or burn a bootable CD yourself with Norton Utilities 6.0 on it.
Or if you hold down Cmd-Opt when you boot or if you select it from System's Startup Disk panel.